Vitamer Portable Blender


The Vitamer Portable Blender allows you to blend up a smoothie, Wherever you go! Making it an Amazing Blender for every outgoing person or Fitness lover. 🚗

Take the Vitamer Portable Blender with you wherever you go to always ensure yourself a healthy and freshly blended smoothie! Never limit yourself when it comes to taking care of your health. 🍹


😋 Take care of your health and do it in a tasteful way, by always drinking your smoothies Superfresh and Blended at the Spot, wherever you may be,

✅ The Portable Blender consists of a 350mL cup and a 2000mAh battery for Ultimate Convenience,

💥 The Powerful Electric Motor can spin the knives at up to 14000 RPM/minute to make sure it can blend your smoothies quick and easy!

🎁 This Superhandy Portable Blender is made of the most durable materials and is the perfect gift for every Fitness Lover,

👆 Order now to profit from our Limited Time Quantity Discount

Don't worry;

The Portable Blender also comes with Free Worldwide Shipping! 🚛

You can order this beauty from wherever you are in the world and we'll aim to get the package to you as soon as possible!

Some external situations might extend the shipping time, due to international safety regulations, but we aim to deliver your package within 10-14 business days! 🏁

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